Minoura Japan – SG-200

This article or section contains information that is out-of-date.

SG-200 "Swing Grip"

Angle adjustable extra accessory holder

A holder to mount extra accessories on handlebar as same as SpaceGrip.

SpaceGrip is installed only on the handlebar factually, but SwingGrip changes the stem material from plastic to metal in order to be angle adjustable. So SwingGrip can be installed even on the stem.
The stainless band clip can be mounted up to 35mm (1-1/4") diameter, so you can install on most stems, except square dimension one.

The alloy bar diameter is 22mm (7/8") so you can mount any item if it fits this size.
Also the alloy bar is position adjustable in 20mm travel sideward. You can set SpaceGrip as T-style and mount the items on each side, or you can set at L-style to set the computer in exactly center of the stem without any off-set.

The difference between SG-200 and SG-200L is just the bar width. The stem length is exactly same.
Silver and black bar colors are available.

141.jpgSG-200L (wide version)


Bar Width: 100mm
Stay Length: 140mm
Number of mountable item: 2 pcs
Bar Width: 130mm
Stay Length: 140mm
Number of mountable item: 3 pcs

The metal stem is angle adjustable up to 90 degrees and can be fixed at any angle.

The bar position is adjustable in the travel of 20mm side to side. It's not necessary to disassemble SG-200 for this adjustment.


  • SKU 339-1990-** (SG-200) / 339-1991-** (SG-200L) [** = color code]
  • Color Silver (color code: 00), Black (01)
  • Dimensions W 100 x L 140 mm (200) / W 130 x L 140 mm (200L)
  • Material Alloy / Stainless steel
  • Net Weight 122 grams (200) / 127 grams (200L)


Important Notices

  • Disassembling is required to install Swing Grip due to the stainless band clip mechanism.
  • If the brake or shifting cable is along the handlebar, you may not be able to expect enough tightening torque. Choose the position without any cable.

Modified Point

Stem Material
Changed from light alloy to stainless steel to be more durable