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2-way Bike Storage Stand
White color and black color available

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  • Features
    • Stores bike in 2 different orientations; vertical and horizontal
    • Vertical orientation is great for longer storage and saves valuable space
    • Horizontal orientation is good for grab-and-go before a ride.
    • Tire cradle and top hook are fully adjustable for a variety of wheels and tires
    • Top hook is padded to avoid scratches
    • DS-2100 Option Extension barAdditional height extension bar(420-5015-00) for 29'er Full Suspension MTB is available as an option
  • Capacity And Restrictions
    • Do not use with bicycles that have a mud guard or fender installed
    • Extension bar is recommended with any long wheel base bicycle
    • Do not use with tandems
    • Mount up to 70mm width tire. Tires wider than 70mm cannot fit into this stand
    • If using an E-bicycle, please check the bikes balance if trying to use the vertical position. Stand may be unstable
  • Specs
    420-5010-01 (Black)
    420-5010-00 (White)
    USD 109.99 (Black)
    USD 119.99 (White)
    Top Hook Height
    1,150mm / 1,220mm
    Applicable Tire Size
    20" – 29"
    4.2 kgs
    1 year
    Extra length joint for DS-2100
    420-5015-01 (Black)
    420-5015-00 (White)
    USD 9.99 (Black)
    USD 9.99 (White)
  • Setup dimensions
    • W = 570 mm
    • D = 755 mm
    • H = 1,220 mm
    • T = 70 mm (inside width)
    Setup Dimensions
  • Cautions
    • DS-2100 designed for storage or display. Do not ride your bike when in the stand
    • Set up ton a flat floor
    • Be careful the bike balance when vertical use
    • Support Pillar can be adjusted for height depending on the length of bike’s wheel base
    • Be sure to adjust the red tire holder to the correct wheel size. Incorrect position will cause instability
    • Do not hang your bike from the back wheel in the vertical position.