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This article or section contains information that is out-of-date.

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Latest Version : 1.5 (2012/5/10)

A completely new indoor training method utilizing your iOS device

Use your iOS device as a training computer

Gives you speed, cadence, power output and all cycling computer functions and simulates real courses on your screen.

For LiveRide series trainers

Compatible with V-series and the new LiveRide series trainers and MagteqsTwin.

3 training modes

You can choose from 1) Course simulation mode, 2) Interval mode, and 3) Free riding mode.

Graphical data indication

Indicates speed, cadence, time, distance and wattage all on your iPhone screen in easy to read graphics. Auto pause feature keeps your workout accurate.

Transferrable between multiple bikes

Register multiple bikes with LiveTraining. Just choose between the various bike styles shown on the bike set up screen.

Add and customize your own courses

Create endless routes to ride using mapping software or by downloading LiveCycling, LiveTraining's companion app, which records your road and MTB routes using the GPS feature on your iPhone.
Those routes can be transferred to LiveTraining with the touch of a button.

Set your own target heart rate

To make your workout safe and effective, set your optimal target heart rates to train within your target zones.

Calculates and shows burned calories

Entering your height and weight automatically sets up the calorie burn rate function in the app.

Requires WahooKey

LiveTraining works exclusively with the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ dongle that plugs into the bottom connecter of your iPhone. No other adapter will work.

Capable with most ANT+ sensors

LiveTraining will work with any ANT+ enables heart-rate strap or speed/cadence sensor. (except Digifit and Garmin)

Check and save the results with graph and list

Save each ride and bring it up on your iPhone to go over your results anytime.

Share the data anywhere, anytime, with anyone

Pre-sets are included for sending your data to Facebook, Twitter, Strava, DailyMile and others. Or, generate a TCX or MKL file that can be read by even more computer programs.

Compete against yourself

Load a route you've saved and race against your best times.

live-t_pod-blank.jpgLiveTraining screen image

To use LiveTraining you need the Wahoo Fitness key (dongle) shown at the right and an ANT+ enabled sensor also shown at the right.

This key works not only with Minoura's apps, but a wide range of apps (except Digifit and Garmin).

In addition, you can use Minoura sensors for other ANT+ devices.


Wahoo Key EstimatedPrice US$69.99 (Minoura sells to Asian market only)


Speed & Cadence Sensors EstimatedPriceUS$49.99


Heart Rate Sensor EstimatedPriceUS$59.99


Course Training Mode

Mode for simulating various virtual courses
LiveTraining comes pre-loaded with several courses. You can add courses by creating new courses from map software or transferring your actual riding route from the companion application LiveCycling that was recorded by GPS.
You can also download the courses to add in your library.

Interval Training Mode

Mode for pattern training by repeating workout and rest
Design workout periods with your target strength and time, and coordinate built-in rest periods to help develop better muscle and cardiopulmonary functions.
You can monitor output wattage, cadence and heart rate.

FreeRun Mode

Mode for free training without preset program
As a high-level bike computer, monitors speed, cadence, heart rate and output wattage.
Set the resistance level indication to the same number you're actually setting, then you can know the current wattage properly.
Data is shown in both numbers and graphs for easier understanding the history.


Course Select

You can add or delete the courses in/from the list.
Each info shows course map, total distance and altitude elevation as well as the past best lap, average speed and time.


Course Indication (Map mode)

Shows course layout in standard 2D map mode.

You can zoom-in/zoom-out by pinching the map or click +/- button.
The course is always shown in heading mode. The map will move and rotate automatically as per you proceed.


Course Indication (Satellite mode)

Shows course layout in satellite view.

The numbers along the course represent the average gradient of your ride measured in 500 meter segments. As the numbers change, you adjust your remote shifter to the corresponding number on the screen.


Course Indication (Hybrid mode)

Shows course layout in both 2D map and satellite view.

The numbers in white column are the distance from the start point and the average gradient in the current 500 meters segment.


Creating Intervals

You can design various training intervals.
Shows the program contents with each time and target strength.
You can add, delete and change the contents.


Set Pattern (1)

You can put unique name on each training pattern for easy recognition.
Set the time and target wattage and cadence in the first column.
After finish, click "Back".


Set Pattern (2)

Easily change the input by swiping your finger across the numbers.
Blue column means the rest time. Set your desired time.
Orange column is the workout. Set target time, wattage and cadence.


Set Pattern (3)

Click "+" button to move to the next session.
If you want to copy the pattern, just click "+" button.
To change something, click the session.


Monitor (1)

As you start to pedal, the wattage and cadence blue bars will expand.


Monitor (2)

When your current performance becomes greater than the target, the bar color will change to green and indicate "OK" in the bar. You should pedal hard to stay at this level.

Heart rate is also displayed in 5-level colors and numbers for easily visible indication.


HR Strength Indication

The heart rate strength is displayed in 5-level colors and numbers from 1 to 5.
This strength is calculated from your personal data (max heart rate).



FreeRun mode screen

Output wattage, speed, cadence, heart rate and resistance level are indicated graphically.
Not just numbers, but graphs are shown for easily understanding how each section is changing.


Change Resistance Level

Coordinate the setting on the screen with the setting on your remote to calculate correct wattage.
Click the resistance level then a dial will appear. Turn the dial to change the level, then press SET button.


Configuration Main Menu

Set the bike type, trainer model, and the rider's personal data.


Bike Settings Menu

Bike Type : Choose favorite bike shilhouette
Odo Meter : Set the initial number of odo meter
Tire Size : Set tire circumference length for calculating speed precisely
Gear Ratio : Set front and rear sprocket teeth number for Interval Mode
Bike Weight : Set the bike weight


Set Bike Type

Flick the picture sideward to choose your favorite bike type from 19 patterns.
Registering multiple bikes is possible so you can put unique name to each bike.


Set Odo Meter

Set the first initial number of odo meter.


Set Tire Size

Just choose from the tire size list.
If needed, you can adjust the tire circumference size manually.


Set Gear Ratio

When you use single gear bike, input the actual gear teeth number.
Inputting is quite easy, just flick the slider.
When you use multiple gear bike, input your most favorite gear teeth number.


Set Weights

Set the bike itself and your body weight separately.
Inputting is quite easy, just flick the slider.
Output wattage is calculated based on the total weights of these factors.


Sensor Registration Menu

Activate the ANT+ sensors by pairing with WahooKey.
Speed : Register the separate type speed sensor
Cadence : register the separate type cadence sensor
Speed & Cadence : Register the combination type sensors
Heart Rate : Register the heart rate sensor


Sensor Pairing

Insert the dongle into the slot at the bottom of your iPhone. Touch the "connect" button and the dongle will search for your sensors. A 4-digit number should appear for each sensor. If it's OK, press the "Save" button.

If you have individual speed and cadence type sensors, use "Speed" and "Cadence" menu.
If your sensor is the combination type (both sensors share same battery and antenna), use "Speed & Cadence" menu.
There is no compatibility between these menus. Make sure you know which type of sensor or sensors you have before setting up the program.


Set Trainer Type

LiveTraining can be used on Minoura LiveRide series trainers or the V-series trainers including MagteqsTwin. No other Minoura or other brand trainers will work properly with LiveTraining.
Choose your trainer from the menu.

Choosing the wrong trainer will mean the data you record is incorrect. Make sure you choose the correct model of trainer.


Personal Data Menu

Max Heart Rate : Set your max allowed heart rate for indicating alert
Min Heart Rate : is the base line number used for calculating your zones
Weight : Set your body weight for calculating output wattage
Metric System : Choose from Mertric or English
Auto Pause : Choose if you want to summarize the data including rest time or not
Social : Set SNS service configuration for sharing data


Max Heart Rate

It is important to accurately set your maximum heart rate so you can keep your workout safe and within the correct zones.
Maximum heart rate is calculated on age but there are many valuable on line resources showing how to achieve proper setting of heart rate and as always, be sure to ask your doctor if you are unsure.
Setting the numbers in the app is easy; simply flick your finger along the slider.


Course Menu

There are 3 ways to add new courses.

Click "+" button.


Loading Course

Click green "Load KML/GPX File" button, then click "How to Make Course" button to choose which way you will take for adding courses.

You see the course profile list, they are the course data installed in your iPhone right now.


Choose Course Creation

Import KML/GPX file : Install the presented KML, GPX and TCX course files directly
Import from LiveCycling : Transfer the GPS recorded route data via iTunes
Download Course : Download the shared course data


Import from LiveCycling

The companion application "LiveCycling" performs as a great bike computer, and also it records your actual riding route by GPS.
By importing the recorded data from LiveCycling, you can enjoy your favorite course even on LiveTraining.


Course Profile

You can view the course map and cross-section of each installed data in the list.
By tracing the course, you can see the altitude gain from the start point.

For example, the number of "1177" in the left side means just the altitude difference from start to goal point.
The indication "Elevation 1549m" on the bottom means the summarized gain of all repeated up and down.


WahooKey (signal retrieving dongle)

  • SKU : 400-5030-00
  • MSRP : US$69.99
  • Power : supplied from iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad

Speed & Cadence Sensor (separate type)

  • SKU : 400-5010-00
  • MSRP : US$49.99
  • Battery : 1 x CR2032 / each

Heart Rate Chest Band

  • SKU : 400-5020-00
  • MSRP : US$59.99
  • Battery : 1 x CR2032

What's ANT+ ?

Fast Wireless Data Transmission Protocol

ANT+ is a popular worldwide wireless data transmission protocol that retrieves signals very quickly and at low power consumption. ANT+ devices usually have a range of 5 meters.
ANT+ devices are meant to used together and the 323 (and growing) ANT+ Alliance makes sure that this will continue. Minoura is proud to be an official member of the ANT+ Alliance.

PLEASE NOTE: DIGIFIT products are also ANT+ enabled but are programmed to work only with DIGIFIT products. DIGIFIT products will not work with LiveTraining or other apps or sensors.


Matching Code Between Digital Devices

Most ANT+ based digital sensors for speed, cadence and heart-rate are compatible with LiveTraining (except Digifit). To start using any Ant+ sensor, you must register it to your LiveTraining system. This process is called as "Pairing".

3 choices of sensor type is available in the settings window;

  • Speed
  • Cadence
  • Speed&Cadence

"Speed" or "Cadence" is individual sensors that each read either speed or cadence.
The Minoura sensors are this type and “pairing” must be done under the “Speed” and “Cadence” settings individually.
A combined sensor is when “Speed & Cadence” are housed in the same body and “pairing” must be done at "Speed & Cadence" column.
Be sure there is no compatibility between those setup windows.

To pair your sensors to LiveTraining, make sure the sensor contains a battery and works properly.
Place the sensor within a few meters from your iPhone with the FisicaKey inserted, then click accommodate column.
You will see a green "Connect" button in the screen, click it and the paring will be done automatically. If successful, an ID number and current signal level will be shown.
Now you’re ready to go.

The biggest reason for pairing failure is choosing the wrong sensor type when first pairing. If pairing fails, check to make sure you’ve chosen the correct column.

A successful pairing will be kept in the system for future connection, so you don't need to repeat this process every time you use LiveTraining.

Compatible Trainers

Minoura LiveRide series and V-series Trainers Only

In order to use all the functions of LiveTraining, you must use a Minoura LiveRide or V series trainer. The program is calibrated for these trainers and it is important that you choose the correct model you have in the LiveTraining set-up menu. Setting LiveTraining to the incorrect model will result in different readings not consistent with your workout.

NOTE: Any trainer can be used with LiveTraining but the only functions that will work accurately are speed, cadence, heart rate functions, and course mapping.

Compatible Trainers

  • LR960
  • LR760
  • LR540
  • LR340
  • LR240
  • MagteqsTwin
  • V270
  • V150 / V130 / V130M
  • M20V

Important Notes

  • Use the Minoura iH-100 or iH-400 to attach your iPhone to the bikes handlebar. There are currently no options for mounting your iPad directly to your bike.
  • Sensors may be water resistant, but your device and the WahooKey are not. Minoura is not responsible for any damage due to exposure or elements.
  • The supplied battery should last about 1 year with normal use. Check the sensor battery regularly to make sure it is functioning properly. (the battery sold at low price shop may not perform good due to poorer capacity)
  • The wattage shown in LiveTraining is based on a highly accurate (up to 95%) formula. This wattage is to be used to guide your training and not for scientific purposes.
  • Almost all ANT+ enabled devices should work with LiveTraining (except for Digifit and Garmin) but for guaranteed compatibility always look for Minoura sensors.
  • Android devices are not yet supported in the LiveTraining platform,. Check back here for more detail.

Different Speed

In course simulation mode, my speed goes down

LiveTraining requires that total power consumption be cleared periodically. This may happen when the resistance in the trainer can't keep up with the incline of a part of the ride. If this happens, LiveTraining will automatically compare the course data and the programs strongest power to control your speed until it summarizes and corrects the power consumption.
If you see this happen, it is not a glitch and normal functions will appear shortly.

News : 2012/5/15
The latest version (1.5) solves the problem that wrong speed is displayed in Course Simulation Mode.


What will happen if I use an incompatible trainer?

In order to use all the functions of LiveTraining, you must use a Minoura LiveRide or V series trainer. The program is calibrated for these trainers and it is important that you choose the correct model you have in the LiveTraining set-up menu.
Setting LiveTraining to the incorrect model will result in different readings not consistent with your workout.

NOTE: Any trainer can be used with LiveTraining but the only functions that will work accurately are speed, cadence, heart rate functions, and course mapping.


Any plan for Android version?

LiveTraining is currently compatible with Apple iPhone / iPodTouch / iPad (iOS 4.3 or later)only. We are working hard on Android version and will announce the Android version here as soon as it is ready.
We are sorry there is no plan to develop LiveTraining for any other platforms at the moment.