About APP/Program & Network


What are the apps Minoura recommends?

MINOURA recommends ZWIFT and Kinomap as our top choices.

What is ZWIFT?

MINOURA has been colaborating with ZWIFT since 2012. ALL LiveRide series(classic) trainers are compatible with ZWIFT.
Your digital destination for fitness, fun and adventure. With ZWIFT you can ride with many people from over 150 countries.

What is Kinomap?

Kinomap provides real time videos for people to download of famous rides and areas from around the world. Kinomap also plan to include many interest functions in the near future.

Why does KAGURA use Wahoo Fitness?

For a free program Wahoo Fitness is packed with good features.

If I sign up for ZWIFT, can I share my account?

No. Each person must purchase their own subscription.

If I have questions about non Minoura apps, who should I ask?

Please contact the company that makes the app in question. Minoura will not provide support for 3rd party applications.

How quickly do KAGURA, ZWIFT and Kinomap take to start up?

Just turn KAGURA on and its ready to go. ZWIFT and Kinomap take just a few seconds to boot up.

What to do if my app doesn't connect with KAGURA?

Check AC adapter
Check LED (RED side lighting and BLE side flash is normal start up)
Check Optical sensor (Remove Flywheel then check it flashing when sensing white color i.e PAPER fragment)
If all of these points are ok, please ask MINOURA customer service.

Is there a free training app?

Most apps are subscription based and we suggest going to each companies web site to see their pricing and options.

What Apps can KAGURA use?

While we recommend ZWIFT and Kinomap, there are many apps out on the market. As long as they use ANT+ or Bluetooth to connect to the trainer, chances are KAGURA can connect.

How do I change the resistance on KAGURA?

Minoura is currently developing our own app that will allow control of KAGURA. Until this is avaialble we suggest you use Wahoo Fitness to control the resistance.
Wahoo Fitness unitl MINOURA App coming up.

Can I measure how many calories I burn with KAGURA?

Most apps show this feature.

App has any combination? The combination make any bad thing?

If they have any trouble for combination, we will information at web site.

When will ordinal App start?


What is firmware?

Firmware is a part of code written on the chip that controls KAGURA.

How many times does it update?

As often as it needs to be

Are firmware updates free?

Absolutely Yes.

I want to connect to KAGURA with smartphone, do I need to PC or Mac, too?

You only need one device. Please choose the best for you.

Do these devices require an Internet connection?

Yes, for updates or to connect to other riders via the Internet.

The devices need Wi-fi?

Some software and App needs Wi-Fi.

Can I use any old phones or devices?

Perhaps. But we have no way of knowing which ones may or may not work.