About Warranty, update & care


KAGURA's warrranty period

MINOURA warranty is 1year. Please be sure to provide your warranty information to Minoura. Without it we cannot process any warranty claims.

How to care for KAGURA

KAGURA's flywheel and motor unit are the most delicate parts and should always be treated gently and wiped of sweat and dirt regularly with a clean, soft towel. Never use KAGURA in moisure of any kind. If traveling to other countries with KAGURA by sure to use the correct electrical adapter.

Firmware Updates

Minoura will update the firmware for KAGURA on a regular basis. Please check our web site for updates regularly

How to update the firmware?

Updates and instructions are available on our web site.

Do you have any maximum time for use?

There is no time limit to use KAGURA but with all elecrtrical equipment be aware of the heat coming from the unit

How much power consumption?

maximum power consumption is 60W.

How much noise does KAGURA generate?

It is very quiet

KAGURA's aluminium roller replacement as like as another unit?

Adjust the roller pressure to the rear tire properly in order to maximize your tire life.
Minoura recommends adding 10% more air to your tire when training.
If you need a replacement roller, please let our US officce know.

Is it safe to continue training when the flywheel is hot?

The unit is safe up to 120 degrees. Be careful not to touch the unit and burn yourself.

What to troubleshoot before calling customer service

Please check the LED, Red LED shoud light or flashing. If Blue LED is flashing that means red LED has trouble.
Double check that the AC adaptor is connected completely and securely.

The sand, iron sand etc are OK to use mag-unit and fly-wheel?

Mag-unit and fly wheel pull up them( iron and iron sand). Sometime these makes basis broke.

Can a mini-velo use KAGURA?

No, and most training apps won't allow configuartion of such a bicycle.

Can I plug-in to consento always? Is it make any plobrem?

When you use KAGURA finish, plese plug-out from consent.

Drive-roller is making a scraping sound. Do I need to replacement?

Something is wrong. Please cosult the manual for troubleshooting steps.

When should I stop using KAGURA?

If the unit is making any new noise or sound, discontinue use immediately and contact us..