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iH-200-S / iH-200-M

iH-200-S / iH-200-M

Bicycle smart phone holder to be mounted to handlebar.
Base portion is secured to the bike handlebar and the upper holder can opened with a single touch.


  • Features
    • Recommended phone width sizes are from 55mm to 75mm with protective case, and up to 18mm from 6mm thickness.
    • The iH-200 can accommodate a Galaxy note (without protect case ) as the maximum fitted model.
    • There are two types of nail wing tips to open width to the left and right. Height is user adjustable.
    • The locking mechanism wing holds tight even under pressure. (*1)
    • Front and rear holder that holds your phone steady even going downhill. (*2)
    • The phone angle can be changed 90° without any tools.
    • Offset slightly forward from the handle to improve visibility.
    • Size-M only can attach to the handlebar stem with round shape.
    • Lightweight aluminum SM clamp model.
    Extreme shock or conditions cannot be guaranteed.
    Holder is adjusted by the user.
  • Mounting Capacity

    Clamps used is quick released type of SM clamp

    • iH-200-S model, fits diameters between 22.2 to 28.6
    • iH-200-M model, fits diameters between 28.6 to 35
  • Specs
    339-3325-00 (S)
    339-3326-00 (M)
    USD 37.88 (S)
    USD 37.88 (M)
    Plastic / Alloy
    Applicable Phone Size
    Width : 55 – 75 mm
    Thickness : 6 – 18 mm
    Net Weight
    141 grams
    1 year