for 2 bikes
MINOURA's the third generation In-Vehicle Bicycle transport base

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  • Features
    • Holds 2 bikes stable in the cargo space of your car.
    • Just put on the cargo floor. No need to bolt Vergo down.
    • Holds up to three bikes with optional bike mount.
    • Comes with 2 sets of fork mounts.
    • Transports bikes safely and saves cargo space.
    • TRANSFORMS to light maintenance stand with optional TF stand.
    • All VERGO-Excel options are compatible with VERGO-TF.
  • Main Bar
    • Lightweight and laterally stiff diamond dimension alloy bar.
    • Customize fit using a saw for the width of your car.
    • Anti-slip soft urethane rubber feet on both side of the base keep the rack in position.
  • Front Fork Mount
    • Fits standard 9mm QR skewer and 15mm thru axle combination fork mount.
    • Hub width is 100mm only.
    • Fully position adjustable on the bar with knob.
    • On rail fork mount keeps bike from moving when applying brakes.
    • 6 position ratcheting fork mount saves even more space.
  • Specs
    USD 129.99
    Bar length
    990 mm
    2.4 kgs
    1 year
  • VERGO-TF Options   (sold seperately)
    All VERGO-Excel options are compatible with VERGO-TF.
  • Cautions
    • Strongly recommend use with cable or tape tie down belt (sold separately) for a more secure fit from bike to vehicle.