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Warranty Process

How To Proceed Warranty

  • Judgement
  • Informing
  • Quotation
  • Return
  • Repair
  • Payment
  • Shipment

Judge if it must be repaired or not

  1. Check each product page, FAQ or ask to the shop where you originally purchased the product to judge if it can or need to be repaired.
  2. Once you decided to repair the product, inform the following basic information to Minoura directly or through the shop via fax or email.


IIf the product has been returned to us without any prior notification and if it doesn't need to be repaired, we will return it to the owner at owner's expense.

Informing the basic information to Minoura

Once you decided to repair the product, inform the following basic information to Minoura directly or through the shop via fax or email.

  1. Your full name, Address, ZIP code, Daytime phone number, Fax number, Email address (No PO Box allowed. Please let us know your physical address)
  2. Model name (It must be as correctly as possible. Usually the product itself has its series name only. The correct model name is indicated on the package or instructions manual. If you know the SKU number, it would be helpful)
  3. Frame color, visible parts color or unique shape (these points are helpful to identify the exact model)
  4. Serial number (each trainer has its own serial number on the right side coupling tube or the base plate)
  5. Photocopy of the sales receipt (to confirm if you are the original owner of this product)
  6. Report of your claim or trouble as detailed as possible
  7. Parts list to change at same time (if you desire)
  8. Desired maximum budget for repairing (We will consider to keep the cost within this budget, but we don't guarantee it)

  • Serial number is indicated on trainer only. Any other products don't have serial number.
  • The trainer made on April 1, 2009 or later has a 10-digit number like as "AA01234567" on the right side coupling tube or the base plate.
  • Other trainers have a 2-story indication like as "ABC-0123 / VFS01234" with a white decal.


Minoura will consider the repair contents by referring the information you send. If it can be repaired, we will quote the rough cost as well as the expected return date. If impossible, we will call you.

Return to Minoura   ( for U.S. residents only )

Once you accept the repair cost, send the product to Minoura together with the above necessary information.


Minoura Tech & Warranty Center

Attn: Jeff Zell

Phone : 1-510-538-8599

  • In case of warranty repair (free of charge), Minoura will issue you the shipping tag. If it requires you to pay, cover the shipping cost at your expense.
  • Ship only the entire part to be repaired. For example, you don't need to ship whole trainer to repair the Mag unit.

Terms of Repair

  • Basically, please allow us 2 weeks to return the repaired product.
  • If it requires the parts from Japan or the operation in our Japan headquarters, it would take 1 month.


Please issue a money-cheque and ship to the center.

  • We are sorry we don't accept any credit card.
  • There could be a chance to find out another necessary parts to repair when we see the actual returned product, so it would be possible the repair cost will have to be higher than our quote. We will ask you prior to proceeding the repair works.


  • We are sorry we don't ship overseas, except to the military base (for example, APO address).
  • We are not allowed to ship to any P.O. Box.