FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Advanced Tips

  • Quick Release Skewer
  • Remote Shifter
  • Training Coach

What's quick release skewer?

A convenient device to remove and install wheel quickly

Standard bike wheel is installed on the fork with a plain hex nut (called as "Hub Nut"), but on most sport bikes, wheel equips with a special device named "Quick release skewer" to enable to remove/install from/to the bike in mere seconds. By operating the side cam lever, it can tighten and release the wheel very quickly.

Here are the basic cautions on using quick release skewer. For more information, refer the guide book or ask to your local bike shop.

  1. Do not try to rotate the cam lever to tighten the skewer like as an extension lever of nut.
  2. (Especially on the front wheel) Do not lean the wheel and insert the axle to the deepest position of the fork cut-out.
  3. Adjust the opposite side nut to be that you start feeling resistance when the lever comes on the same line to the axle.
  4. Fully push inward the lever with the power that the lever leaves stain on your palm. Too less resistance means you don't tighten the skewer enough, and you need to release the skewer and adjust the nut precisely.

What's remote shifter?

The resistance control device from the handlebar

Some of our trainers equip a remote shifter. It allows you to adjust the resistance level without getting of the bike, and it is usually installed on the handlebar or stem.

Turn the lever toward L mark, the resistance level will be decreased. Turn the lever toward H mark, the resistance level will be increased.

The non-remote model has a small lever on its resistance unit (except VFS non-remote version) to adjust the resistance level manually, but you should not operate it while using trainer. You can also adjust the resistance by shifting the bike's transmission gear.

However, using bike's gear instead of shifter device may cause jerky pedal feel because too wide gear ratio will occur too big torque difference.

We think you should use the same gear ratio you usually use on road even while getting on trainer in order for expecting more natural riding feel. We strongly recommend to have the remote shifter.

Does Minoura offer personal training coach?

No, we don't do any coach individually

To expect safe and efficient training, we suggest you to ask to a professional sports trainer or medical doctor to get the best training program exactly you need.

We are the hardware manufacturer and we don't offer any software support to individual users.

For getting professional advice how to use trainer more efficiently, we strongly recommend you to purchase the trainer at a professional bike shop rather than just buying at internet retailer or auction.