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To user trainer more effectively.

  • PC Training Software
  • Generating By Trainer

Doesn't Minoura have a training software to use with PC?

We were used be the pioneer on this category, but we don't prepare it now

It is fact that indoor training can become boring because you see same view all the time.

And we agree it could be a nice solution to solve this problem by showing a virtual course on PC screen and set the target training level.

We Minoura produced "ICE (Interactive Cycling Experience)" system in 1996 which connects to PC to enjoy indoor training, but unfortunately it was too early. Microsoft just started to sell Windows95 and USB was not popular at all for transferring signal.

After that, Elite (Italy) and Tacx (Netherlands) produced similar system, but the basic mechanism is exactly same to our ICE system and there is no technology growth since then.

Our basic strategy is "Trainer must can be used on anytime, anywhere".

PC connecting system means it requires electric power outlet to drive the system, and you are not allowed to use the system in outside. In same reason, the electric motor resistance system produced from Tacx or CompuTrainer is limited to use in-house. This doesn't allow you to use the trainer in outside for warming up before race. It alienates the value of trainer.

If we produce a similar system again, we should combine with self-generating system or battery drive one.

Can I generate electricity from my training?

It could be possible, but there is no merit on the cost

We often see electric generating system demonstration by bike on some events. It's technically possible. We were working with a special company to develop this system and we were able to generate 150W power constantly.

However, it requires expensive additional devices such as inverter to enable to use the generated power on ordinary equipment directly. It costs at least $2,000 (except trainer) in retail price. We doubt if people can be satisfied with this level that they can generate cell phone or driving electric fan by spending such big money.

And the current generator motor's spinning feel is too rough against trainer, so it cannot be expected quiet and smooth training so far.

We are supplying our Mag unit to an American company, Windstream Power, as OEM. Their system can generate the portable battery to bring the electric power to anywhere you want.