Lightweight Portable Maintenance Stand


  • Features
    • Compact and foldable lightweight alloy stand with tripod base
    • Good horizontal rotation mechanism for maintenance and washing
    • Arm angle adjustable by 15degrees each
    • B.B. support shape is good for Aero and rear direct mount brake frames.
  • Setting

    Support with aero type of frame, rear and direct mount brake frame

    Front fork
    • Support for 9mm quick release and 12 mm / 15 mm thru axle
    • Easy to set and re-set because of the special wide stroke quick release
    Rear End
    • Rear end mount support for 9 mm quick release and 15 mm thru axle
    • Support for 126 mm / 130 mm / 135 mm quick release and 142 mm thru axle
  • Specs
    USD ー
    aluminum / stainless / plastic
    3.9 kgs
    B.B. Support Height
    740 mm – 1,070 mm
    Setup Dimensions
    W = 850 mm
    H = 750 mm
    Max load
    30 kgs
    ( Recommend 20 kgs )
    1 year
  • Cautions
    • We strongly recommend use of this item in a vertical orientation only.
    • Maintain the balance by rotating the bike position
    • For light maintenance and washing only, do not apply too much force.
    • Stability will be compromised with electronic groups with a battery on the BB side.