FT-500 PRO


Truing stand for professional mechanics


  • Features
    • Base plate provides stability for all types of wheel truing
    • Easy to set up and use
    • Supports up to a 29 inch / FAT size wheel
    • BOOST compatible up to 197mm
    • Includes 12 / 15mm thru axle adapters
    • Includes two, high precision micro-gauges
    • Includes four customizable storage boxes for tools and spray cans.
  • Wheel setting
    • Your quick release skewer needs to be removed when using the FT-500PRO
    • Hub width maximum 197mm
    • When using a wide width wheel, please remove the spring
    • Insert the supplied adapters for 12mm / 15mm thru axles
  • Specs
    USD 359.99
    Aluminum / iron / plastic
    Wheel width
    16 – 29 inch
    (Compatible FAT size wheel)
    Hub width
    maximum 197 mm
    6.4 kgs
    1 year
  • Setup Dimensions
    • W = 280 mm
    • H = 435 mm
    • D1 = 350 mm
    • D2 = 225 mm
    Setup Dimensions
  • Cautions
    • FT-500PRO is a special tool for precisely maintaining the bicycle wheel.
    • If you do not have any confidence or experience, please do not try to wheel truing.
    • The wheel is a very important component for your safety. Truing wheels is a job best done when you have had the proper training or by a skilled professional.