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KAGURA LST9200 (unit) Firmware Updates

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  • Power Unit
    • E-mag : MAX 2000W
    • Nd-mag : 100W 200W 300W (40km/h)
  • Frame

    “SW-frame” sets up in two positions:

    • Gravity:
      provides a natural riding feel using your weight to contact the roller
    • Fixed:
      for strong resistance training or interval ridding. Trainer is locked into place
  • Specs
    USD 549.99
    Net Weight
    17.6 kgs (including AC adapter)
    Tire size capacity
    Gravity style : 570 - 710 mmFixed style : 610 - 710 mm
    Compatible wheel size
    650c / 700c / 26” / 27.5”
    Bluetooth Smart / ANT+
    Power, Speed, Distance
    Stealth Black
    standard steel Q/R for hub widths up to 140 mm
    1 year
  • Options
    • MAGRISER (Black), Special shaped Quick release for Breezer/Ritchey drop outs
    • 12mm Thru axle adapter (check your thread size)
  • Setup Dimensions
    Setup Dimensions
    • W = 480 mm
    • D = 510 mm
    • H = 430 mm (Fixed style)
  • Concerning Kagura and accurate power reading using power meters:

    Minoura tests the Kagura SMART trainer exclusively on the Power Tap G3 and Shimano Power Crank and is calibrated to work most accurately with these meters. We understand that there are many other power meters on the market and we’re trying hard to add more testing units to our lab. Because each power meter has a slightly different set of programmed instructions on how power is read, along with varying readings from different programs on the market to use on SMART trainers, you will see a difference in readings that range from 0% using he Power Tap G3, to +/- 5% using non-tested power meters.

    Please also note that it isn’t uncommon for reading to spike in one direction or the other when using programs made for Smart Trainers like Zwift, Kinomap, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest, and others. This is normal and will be averaged out at the end of the ride through algorithms in both the programs software and the firmware found inside the Kagura unit. Your readings should be accurate to within the stated percentages upon completion of your ride.

  • Cautions
    • For standard bicycle frames and dropouts only
    • For 125 to 140 mm quick release rear hub
    • If you want to use thinner hub width such as a fixed speed hub, we recommend using the optional left side long length coupling bolt (400-1285-00 UF-8L).

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