LiveRoll R800

The superior roller for professional or expert riders.

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  • Frame/Roller
    • A heavy and wide roller with high-precision machined steel covers attached. Can be used for smooth and high-speed rotation practice over other smaller diameter rollers.
    • Professional rider features such as matched wheelbase adjustability with continuous adjustment by scale on the frame of the rollers.
    • Uses a high-rigidity and lightweight aluminum frame as found on the R700.
    • Exclusive front drop Roller" adjusts the middle roller to provide an even safe spin at high RPM's.
    • Include 6 points height adjustable feet and footrest.
  • Specs
    USD 719.99
    Net Weight
    21 kgs
    26" - 700C
    Alloy roller with machined steel cover
    Diameter : 105mm
    Width : 450mm
    Color : Silver anodized
    Aluminum / Steel
    Wheel Base Size Capacity
    950 – 1080mm
    1 year
  • Setup Dimensions
    Setup Dimensions
    • W = 560 mm
    • L = 1,310 mm
    • H = 160 mm
  • Important Notice
    • Fits 26 to 700C bicycle which wheelbase is between 950 - 1,080 mm. Do not use small wheel bicycles or folding bicycles.
    • You must keep balancing without any support on the three roller. If you are beginner, have to need assistant who have enough knowledge of the three roller.
    • We recommend that you start using near the handrail or the wall.
    • There are some risk or danger when drop from the three roller. Please take away any impairment items around the three roller.
    • R800 have to use on a flat horizontal floor. If you have to use in the slopes, please adjust the position to a horizontal by using six pieces the adjuster at lower frame.
    • Most of MINOURA's roller optional accessories such as foot step/ front wheel guard/ resistance device/ front fork assist/ carring bag can not use with R800.
    • Completely assembled packing. No necessary any assemble if your bike wheelbase will fit to original capacity. Not any tools included when adjust the roller position.
    • Please adjust to the same position when adjust the front roller. It may cause troubles such as damage, noise or meandering because the angle of front roller is inappropriate.
    • DO NOT recommend such riding as Free hand / Super high cadence/ Dancing on the three roller. It is becomes your own risk.
    • In addition, please do not use the brake. It is dangerous to be able to jump out from the roller.
    • If you want to stop on safely, please just decrease your pedaling then speed from falling naturally and stop.

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