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Warranty Service

Whole World consumers and retailers

Before Purchasing the Product

Please contact the distributor in your country. Distributor can be found on the Distributor List.

After Purchasing the Product

We strongly recommend you to contact the shop where you originally purchased the product first. In the event if you have moved or the shop has been closed, you can contact us directly.

About Minoura Warranty Program

  • Caution
  • Policy / Term
  • Covered
  • Not Covered

warning Caution

  • Minoura will try to keep the necessary replacement parts up to 7 years after finishing the final production, but it could be possible to terminate the warranty due to the mold breakage, difficulty of getting parts & materials, or unexpected design change. At that time, we shall determine to switch to another parts or model. Minoura has the right how to settle each case.
  • Minoura is not responsible to restore the returned product to the original condition.
  • Minoura will not pay cash even if the product cannot be repaired.
  • Minoura is not responsible to any damage or loss which occurs during the process after shipping from Minoura factory. Negotiate with the courier company.

MINOURA Limited Warranty Policy Download

Warranty Term

1 year ( Date of revision : March 2014 )

Every term starts from the date of your purchase. If this date cannot be confirmed, it shall set to the factory shipping date.

Covered Under Warranty (free of charge)

  1. The original user who purchased in brand-new and unopened condition. This right is not transferable.
  2. Purchased at Minoura authorized dealer
  3. Any problem clearly occurred due to the manufacturer's defect
  4. Manufacturer's voluntary recall

*free of charge

Not Covered Under Warranty (not free)

  1. Expired warranty term (except above case 3 & 4)
  2. Any used product (except above case 3 & 4)
  3. Purchased at unauthorized dealer, unauthorized internet retailer, auction (either online or offline), free market, person-to-person exchange
  4. In the event if the owner cannot present the sales receipt as the evidence of the original owner
  5. Natural wear and deterioration
  6. Any modification, alteration or disassembly not approved by Minoura
  7. Any damage due to user's abuse or wrong handling
  8. Any claim alleged from user's own policy
  9. Damage caused by natural calamity, fire and war
  10. Any damage or loss occurred after shipping from Minoura factory

*not free