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e-BIKE Station
Best maintenance stand for repair or assembly of E-bikes and heavy weight bikes!


  • Features
    • Best maintenance stand for repair or assembly of E-bikes and heavy weight bikes
    • KAYABA brand (Made in Japan) Gas damper is made for great durability with a heavy-duty steel frame for long life
    • Height adjustment is simple using the foot-operated pedal
    • Gas damper decrease the bike weight 15kg(33lb) assisting in raising and lowering heavy bikes
    • Clamp jaw swings from 950mm(low) to 1,500mm(high)
    • Anchor to floor for maximum stability (Recommended for the most safe and stable platform for the user)
  • Assist mechanism
    • Mechanism to decrease bike weight
    • The damper assists by lifting up the arm with clamp jaw using GAS
    • Capacity the Gas power is 15kg(33lb)
    • For example, 23kg bike weight become only 8kg on this stand
    • Long life with no maintenance/ trouble. Japanese made Gas damper
  • Frame
    • Durable and big diameter steel frame and tube
    • With protective cover for injury prevention of finger or hand
    • Specially designed "PTAD-150"bracket is compatible with ParkTool repair stand base as an option
  • Clamp
    • Simple and excellent clamp is easy to open and close
    • Single lever operation with micro adjust
    • Tough and strong steel jaw
    • Holds up to 65mm diameter tube
  • Specs
    USD 478.99
    Clamp hight
    950 – 1,500mm
    Max clamp opening
    65mm diameter
    14.2 kgs
    Max load
    30 kgs
    1 year
  • Setup dimensions
    Setup Dimensions
    • W = 700 mm
    • D = 550 mm
    • H = 950 – 1,500 mm