About Wireless Connections, Power & Firmware


What is ANT+ / BLE

Most SmartTrainer work on both ANT+ / BLE(Bluetooth Smart). Ant+ is the common wireless protocol for cycling products like heart-rate monitors, and Bluetooth is standard on most newer smartphones, tablets and computers.

How to use BLE

Almost every device (iOS, Android OS)has BLE system nowadays but Android OS has own model and each grade. These are not same condition without newest Android OS (after ver.7).
BLE can works with after iPhone4S, iPad 3rd gen., iPod touch 5th gen. and all of iPod mini.

How to use ANT+

ANT+ needs USB receiver for PC/Mac or Wahoo ANT+dongle for iOS. Wahoo dongle is only 30pin conector.
When use lightning connector, you need an Apple original adapter.

Recommend protocol

MINOURA does not have strong recommend protcol. Whatever system is easiest for you to interface with is the best.

How to connect KAGURA and BLE?

Please refer to our web site or instructions for pairing your devices to KAGURA and apps.

How to connect KAGURA and ANT+?

Almost any devices does not have ANT+ anntena. To connect with KAGURA, you need to have an ANT+ antenna to USB port.

How to pair with ANT+ / BLE

First, check that your device is turned on ANT+/BLE? Especially ANT+ needs a receiving antenna.

What is pairing?

That is essentially getting the app and KAGURA to recognize each other.

What is the protocol?

Protocol is how computers and software talk to each other

How important is the protocol, ANT+ and BLE?

They are very important. BLE is easier to connect on a smartphone than ANT+,
ANT+ is better to connect many devices because BLE is only ONE device.

Cadence does not work

Please check cadence sensor on the bicycle. It may be as simple as replacing the battery

No resistance when stopped pedaling for second.

It is not a problem. Start pedalling again the resistance will connect again.

Which one do I need for KAGURA ...iPhone, Android, PC or Mac?

Which ever you want to use.

I want to buy a KAGURA, what will I need?

When you use ANT+, ANT+ dongle and 30pin-lightning(original only) for iOS / USB type of ANT+ sensor for PC/Mac.

Does Minoura make any sensors for Kagura

Minoura does offer a speed and cadence sensor as do many other manufacturers.

Can I use any AC adapter with KAGURA?

While some adapters may work, Minoura is not responsible for any damage that may occur from using one other than what was provided.

What a power? Adapter?

AC adapter available 100V-240V.

What is the range of ANT+ and BLE sensors?

Maximum 2mater like cycle computer.

Can I use KAGURA without power?

Minoura Resistance-unit is included Nd-MAG(permanent magnet) in the KAGURA unit. It does not need any power. It is OK, when you want to warm up and cool down at races.(KAGURA is not waterploof, do not use in rainy weather.) To switch to magnet resistance, slide the red lever on the unit to the right.