How to use KAGURA


Maintenance, perfomance

KAGURA should povide you with years of trouble free use and no general mainatnence is required outside of keeping the unit clean and as dust free as possible. If you have any issues be sure to contact us first so you don't void the warranty.

Where can I safely use KAGURA

Keep Kagura on flat, level ground and away from all moisture.

How use the KAGURA

KAGURA dose not have turn-on and off switch.
KAGURA has red and blue LED.
Red light, Flashing Blue : turn-on
Flashing Red : resistance is working
KAGURA has very heavy flywheel. This power increases with pedalling and to stop just STOP pedalling. Do not use your BRAKES.
KAGURA's frame is SW frame. This type of frame can ride in either gravity-mode or fixed-mode.
"SW" meaning is SWING.
Gravity-mode is made for warming up and cooling down or to work on cadence. Not recommended for power training sessions.
When starting a training session, slowly pedal at first to get the tire warmed up to the roller.
KAGURA can be used with standard caliper brake with a 9mm-QR. For bikes with through please use our optional SQR-1(400-4931-00)
UF-8L(400-1285-00) for track-racer and single speed bike.

Try connect to BLE, Blue LED is flashing

If the blue light is flashing that means the unit didn't pair correctly. Please check your BLE device and try again.

How to know connecting ANT+ by LED

KAGURA has 2 type of LED red and blue. KAGURA show you BLE does not work (blue) but ANT+ does not have.

Red LED flashes slowly

The RED LED should flash approximately every second. If it isn't turn the unit off, then back on again.

How much resistance does the magnetic side of the unit have?

KAGURA's magnetic output is basic at 100W, 200W and 300W when 40km/h.

Does Minoura emulate downhill speeds?

KAGURA can respond to the software's input to a degree.

Can the KAGURA unit can use old minoura frames?

Yes, just about any tire drive unit from the last fifeteen years. These units include the Mag 850 and all Live Ride tire drive trainers.

Does the KAGURA unit work in reverse?

It does not work.

My power went out. Can the App Start again from the previous point?

Perhaps, it depends if the app was able to save the data prior to the power outage.

What if the AC-adapter becomes damaged?

Contact Minoura for options

Can I turn KAGURA off as soon as I finish using it?

Sure, but allow the tire to come to a stop without using the brake first.

Fly-wheel has resistance when I start to peddaling?

That is normal and through inertia

Why are there 2type of flywheel and magnetic?

Smart trainer must need electric magnetic system. We situate indoor or under the roofs. If you want to warming up at outdoor space, you can use non power-mode (Nd-mag).

Easy to set-up?

Yes. The trainer comes almost fully assembled.